I co-chair the New Religious Movements Program Unit and am a member of the Professional Conduct Task Force for the American Academy of Religion.

View the New Religious Movements Program Unit’s statement on the Muslim ban here. ¬†Follow us on twitter at #NewRels.

Find me at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Boston

Disciplining Religio-Racial Difference: Anti-Klan Laws v. Women of Color
“Religio-racial Identity” as Challenge and Critique
Afro-American Religious History & North American Religions Program Units
– Sunday, 9-11am (HCC 201)

Misremembrance of Muslims Past: #MAGA and White Conservative Countermemory
Making White Nostalgia “Great” Again: The Politics of Religion and Memory in the United States
Memory, History Program Unit
– Monday, 9-11am (HCC 109)

Religion and Popular Culture in America: A Critical Analysis
Religion and Popular Culture Program Unit
– Saturday, 4-6:30pm (SB-BB C)